October 2, 2023

Astra Pro Theme Free Download 2023 (Latest Version + Lifetime Access)

Astra Pro Theme Free Download 2023 Latest Version Astra Pro GPL

Are you interested in using the Astra Pro WordPress theme on your website but can’t afford it as a beginner? This comprehensive article will guide you on how to download the Astra Pro theme for free without compromising security and authenticity.

Introduction: Astra Pro Theme for Beginners

  • With hundreds of websites that claim to provide the Astra Pro theme for free, why should you trust this article? Here are the reasons:
  • Ensuring a virus-free theme, verified by Virustotal
  • Providing a GPL-licensed theme for multiple website usage
  • Offering theme updates with just a comment
  • Charging nothing for the theme
  • Downloading from an authentic source and verifying it before sharing
  • Giving the GPL version of the Astra Pro plugin, making it legal to use
  • By following the steps in this article, you’ll be able to enjoy the Astra Pro theme on your website for free.

Section 1: What is Astra Pro and Its Features?

Astra WordPress theme is a highly customizable theme with numerous exceptional features. Known for its lightweight design, developers say that a website using Astra should load in under half a second, achieved by disabling jQuery and keeping resources under 50kb.
Astra is versatile, suitable for portfolios, blogs, businesses, online shops, and more. The free version is compatible with almost all page builder plugins and can be customized via the WordPress theme customizer.
Section 2: Astra Pro’s Extensions and Upgrades
Astra Pro allows you to import dozens of high-quality website designs, transforming your entire website. The theme’s functionality can be extended by upgrading to the Pro version or using free extensions.

Section 3: Astra Pro Modules for Customization

  • There are 18 modules in Astra Pro for customizing your website, with four requiring suitable plugins:
  • Backgrounds and colors: Customize background colors and images for different sections of your website.
  • Fonts (Typography): Enhance the readability and visual appeal of your site with a variety of font options.
  • Spacing: Adjust the margins and padding for different elements to create a balanced layout.
  • Blog Pro: Enhance your blog with advanced features, such as related posts, author bios, and more.
  • Mobile Header: Create mobile-specific headers to improve user experience on mobile devices.
  • Header Sections: Design custom header sections with advanced layout options.
  • Nav Menu: Build intuitive navigation menus with mega menu options and other features.
  • Sticky Header: Keep your header visible while users scroll down the page.
  • Page Headers: Design unique page headers with custom images, text, and layouts.
  • Custom Layouts: Create custom layouts for different pages or post types.
  • Site Layouts: Choose from boxed, full-width, or fluid layouts for your website.
  • Footer Widgets: Add widgets to the footer for extra functionality and design options.
  • Scroll To Top: Include a “Back to Top” button for easier navigation.
  • WooCommerce: Customize your online store with advanced WooCommerce features.
  • Easy Digital Downloads: Enhance your digital product store with additional features.
  • LearnDash: Improve your e-learning platform with advanced LearnDash options.
  • LifterLMS: Boost your learning management system with LifterLMS features.
  • White Label: Rebrand the theme to match your business identity.

Astra Free vs. Astra Pro – Comparing Features

  • The free version of Astra offers numerous features, which can be installed from the WordPress Theme repository. The Pro version adds more features and functionalities, as outlined below:
  • More design options: Astra Pro provides more design options compared to the free version. Premium features include sticky headers, mobile-specific headers, and mega menu options, which allow for more sophisticated website designs.
  • More layout options: While the free version offers a default layout, Astra Pro provides a variety of layouts, such as boxed, full-width, and fluid layouts. This allows you to give different pages a unique look and feel. Additionally, Astra Pro offers advanced customization options to fine-tune your website’s design.
  • More typography, colors, and backgrounds: Astra Pro offers a broader range of typography options, allowing you to choose from various fonts to customize your site content. The Pro version also provides a wider selection of colors and background options to style different sections of your website.
  • More WooCommerce options: Although the free version is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, the Pro version offers enhanced design and functionality options. This is particularly beneficial for those running a core eCommerce website and seeking a professional look and feel.
  • Modular design and functionality: One common issue with feature-rich themes is that unused features still load on the website, slowing it down. However, Astra Pro’s modular design allows you to disable unused features and functionality, making your website lightweight and fast.
  • Hooks and filters: Astra Pro offers numerous hooks and filters that are useful for developers. These allow you to add code to specific parts of your website to extend its functionality without having to edit the core theme files.
  • Enhanced performance: Astra is already known for its fast performance, with load times for a demo site at under one second. By combining Astra with a plugin like WP Rocket, you can further reduce your website’s load time by 15-20%.
  • Integration with popular page builders: Astra Pro is compatible with popular page builders plugins like Elementor, Beaver Builder, and others. This integration provides even more design flexibility, although it may add some extra “weight” to your page.

How To Install

By comparing the features of Astra Free and Astra Pro, you can determine which version best meets your website’s needs. While the free version may be sufficient for many users, the Pro version offers more customization options and advanced features, making it a worthwhile investment for those looking to create a unique and polished website.
To download the Astra Pro theme for free, follow these steps:

Access the Astra theme from your WordPress Dashboard.
Navigate to Appearance and select Themes.
Choose Add New.
Look for Astra in the search bar.
Click on the Install button.

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